June 26

A Day in the Life of a Giant

Phillip Oakley

The energy people feel in our office always prompts them to ask one question: what is a typical day like at Common Giant? To answer this question, we decided to write a blog, with accompanying pictures, about our not so common approach to creativity. 

All of us typically start our day around 8:30am (with the exception of Phillip who has been pulling some long hours for partners in Australia lately, meaning he starts at 3:00am or earlier), and the ritual of caffeine or power smoothies begins. Our quaint kitchen is a great place to catch up with other Giants as we concoct our morning “pick me ups.” We discuss our itineraries for the day and break off to our desks to start our projects. Don’t be fooled though, we spend our time laughing and joking with one another; our form of “whistling while we work.”

In the middle of the day, we typically sit down together in our conference room and watch an episode of a television show as we eat lunch. We also enjoy going out with everyone for a change of scenery. As Giants, our friendship fuels our growth as a company and as individuals. We continue our banter and laughter throughout the majority of the meal and continue our work at CGHQ.

Closing time can be at different times for everyone due to our flexible nature and workload. Some may leave a bit on the early side to avoid rush hour, while others stay to burn the midnight oil. Either way, we leave when we’ve hit a good stopping place, but we don’t like stopping ingenuity if it’s on a roll. The last Giant turns off the lights, locks the door, and heads out into the world. Our day is chock full of creativity, laughter, and camaraderie. This is evident in the work we produce. Don’t believe us? Come in anytime and you’ll see what we’re talking about.