Believe in the Power of Branding

Our brand manifesto

Stories and myths illuminate our purpose in life. They help us more fully define our identity and meaning of our voyage.

A brand is a company’s vehicle for storytelling. It can become their most powerful tool. Capably harnessing and wielding the power of branding is our highest discipline.

We believe every brand brims under the surface. We cut through the noise, chip away at the fine marble, and expose what’s at the shimmering core.


A Culture of Creativity

Our processes and work are built on collaboration and support with each of our core team members providing feedback and perspective on all projects. Creating brand magic takes time and mental focus and we move with deliberation at the speed the job demands and deserves.

Explore our Core Values for a better understanding of what it’s like to work with Common Giant, either as a client or a fellow Giant.



Team First

“We” is more than a pronoun. It's a mindset.

We tap into each other’s strengths and help each other overcome weaknesses. We recognize individual excellence, and we accept excellence as a team. Giants support each other and believe the light inside others has no power over the brightness of our own.



Nourish Curiosity- Create Magic

We seek the remarkable for ourselves to create it for our clients.

Creative muscles are made stronger and more flexible by pushing beyond their usual range: not so much that things break, but enough to continually improve. We lean into our intuitive nature to produce the right solution. Therefore, we must nourish our curiosity and diversity of experience to cultivate our intuition.



Understand the Challenge

We discern challenges with purity of thought and efficiency of action.

The best solutions are offered once we understand the problem. We listen, learn, and evaluate the best approach. People often complicate solutions because they misidentify problems. Giants listen, simplify, and deliver.



No Bullshit

Mistakes are acceptable. Excuses are not.

When we own up to our mistakes, we are presented with a rare opportunity for growth. Accountability and humility are how we grow as a team.



Discipline Creates Freedom, Freedom Creates

We apply creativity with skillful focus.

Discipline, ritual, and process liberate the mind, allowing it to focus energy on creative development. We understand challenges within their context, and we prioritize and focus our energy and intellect. This results in work that feels like magic.



Know Our Value

We work with clients that understand our value & want us to succeed alongside them.

We value our time, so we account for it. We value our intellectual property, so we protect it. We leverage the appropriate energy needed to reach the best solution. Tossing a glass of water on a burning home or offering a firehose to a thirsty child both end in disaster.



Magic Takes Mental Focus

We protect the time and space needed to generate amazing work.

We understand the intense mental focus needed to create magic for our clients. Therefore, we set goals that push us toward growth and check in regularly to chart our trajectory. Activity does not equal progress. Staying the course toward the desired goal prevents us from taking on unnecessary busy work that detracts from the objective and drains creative focus.