October 27

How to Easily Impact Your Customers with Tangible Marketing

Phillip Oakley

If you can hold it, it’s tangible. In today’s world of digital and online marketing, getting something you can hold in your hand may make all the difference. The use of promotional items to increase brand recognition and customer loyalty is a time-tested method. Special care should be taken to ensure everything you put out in the world is in line with your other marketing efforts to create the highest impact and return on investment.

Why Give Things

Reminding your clients that you appreciate their business, when they aren’t specifically engaging with you, is a challenge. Holding something physically engages multiple senses, which makes your company and brand more memorable. If your customers or clients have something that reminds them of you every day that makes it easier. Placing an item in your customers’ hands places your company in their minds.

Who Gets It

Your tangible marketing strategy can be broad, giving items to hundreds of people or choice items to specific clients. Harvey Mackay tells a story about a client of his who was an avid stamp collector in his book: “Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive.” Harvey would always send him stamps from the places he traveled. Knowing your clients’ interests is key here, but even if you don’t know their hobbies a handwritten thank you card can be just as meaningful.

What is a Gimcrack

Good tangible marketing isn’t simply handing out some useless trifle with your logo. Promotional items should appeal to your customers, be specific to your company, and reflect the value you provide. The best tie in to your product line or services in a helpful and creative way. Here at Common Giant we like to concoct gift ideas that embody our “all hands on deck” spirit by getting everyone in the office involved. One year we created our own office-aged aged tequila and cognac blend which we named “El Camarón” after an infamous 1863 battle between the French Foreign Legion and the Mexican army in the sleepy town of El Camarón. Every member of the creative team designed individual elements of the packaging. The gift was a hit because it was something we knew our partners would appreciate.

Giving your customers something they can hold, or they can use every day to remind them of you, can be the key to creating long-term relationships. Pieces of tangible marketing can help your business grow. After all, it’s better to give than to receive.