June 20

#BeatAsthma Movement

Phillip Oakley

iSonea wanted to reach individuals across the globe who fight asthma on a daily basis, but were unsure of the best approach to take. After some deliberation, we developed the idea for #BeatAsthma, a social media campaign. The concept behind #BeatAsthma highlights the fact that Asthma cannot be beaten medically, only treated. However, people with asthma beat it everyday through monitoring, following a physician-advised asthma action plan, support from loved ones, and learning what impacts their asthma. We created posters, t-shirts, and worked #BeatAsthma through multiple social media channels. The hashtag exploded on social media, which prompted us to create an Instagram feed where people could show how they beat asthma. The campaign successfully fueled further growth for iSonea.