February 17

The 2016 Giant Awards

Maura Marziano

2016 was another phenomenal year for us here at Common Giant. We filled the year with travels, tweets, hard work, a few shenanigans and lots of play. To commemorate the …

November 17

Inbound 2016: What You Need to Know

Phillip Oakley

Last week, four giants attended Inbound 2016, a marketing conference focused on new methodologies and best practices. Held in Boston, the conference was chock full of interesting keynote speakers and …

October 20

5 Things You Can Do for Your Creative Agency

Phillip Oakley

There comes a time in a company’s life, where the next step to progression stems from marketing or advertising. From choosing the type of agency best suited for your needs to hashing out …

October 13

Do you know what kind of agency you need?

Phillip Oakley

When looking to update your marketing efforts, knowing what kind of agencies exsit and knowing their differences is crucial to deciding on which one is right for you. There are several …

September 29

Why You Need To Know Your YouTube Strategy

Phillip Oakley

Video is increasingly important to marketing strategies, especially online video. When HubSpot conducted a survey for their annual State of Inbound report, they discovered 48% of marketers are planning on …

September 01

Long-Form Content Tips and Tricks

Phillip Oakley

Long-form content. These three words can strike fear into the heart of a writer. For them, long-from content requires dedication and persistence to create something readable. For readers, it needs to …

July 26

Rebranding and Visual Updates

Phillip Oakley

Chef Kris Fuller was diligently working on opening her newest eatery, Crafted –The Art of Street Food, and desired to have a complete overhaul of their brand. The overhaul would …

July 25

Super Bowl 50 Commercial

Phillip Oakley

Greensboro Distillery, the first legal distillery in the history of Greensboro, NC, has been busy getting their operations up and running. Their product line, Fainting Goat Spirits, strives to be …

July 24

AirSonea Investor Video

Phillip Oakley

iSonea Ltd. was seeking seed money from investors for their newest product, AirSonea, an asthma management device that paired with their smartphone app, AsthmaSense. Without a working model, conveying a …

July 23

We Believe in Goodness

Phillip Oakley

In need of a presentation displaying their brand for the NRF Big Show, the world’s largest retail conference, the CIO of Natural Markets Food Group explained that a quality product …

July 22

Driving Innovation Faster

Phillip Oakley

With a global rebrand on the horizon, ThoughtWorks needed a presentation demonstrating their new look and feel to future partners and clients. Since we had previously partnered with ThoughtsWorks, we …

July 18

Southern Manhattan

Phillip Oakley

As a way to say thank you to our partners, Common Giant conceived an ambitious plan: to create their own signature mixed drink. By combining bourbon and vermouth aged in …