June 05

Why is Video Marketing So Important?

Phillip Oakley

The rise of media streaming sites such as YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix have created an insatiable thirst for cinematic content across the globe. A quick search of YouTube’s site reports over 300 hours of content are uploaded every minute and there are over 4 billion views on the site everyday! Clearly, videography has become the preferred medium when receiving information. But two questions remain; why is this cultural shift happening and how can you participate? 

Lower Costs/ Higher Quality. High quality content isn’t left to blockbuster movie producers anymore. With technology blazing forward, the cost to make high quality equipment has decreased. Technology benefits the videographer since their costs lower as technology makes their professions easier. These savings get passed to the client, making video production affordable.

People get tired of reading all day and need some entertainment. As a copywriter, it pains me to admit that people get tired of reading, but it’s true. People who crank out emails and write proposals over 40 hours a week can get burnt out. But the silver lining is that video content provides a form of engagement that isn’t “tedious.” Much of the content seen online today promotes a brand while entertaining the viewer. If the video marketing is executed correctly, the viewer won’t feel they’re learning about your brand when they truly are, which stimulates future business. The creator has artistic and emotional control of all things visual and audio, creating a colorful landscape for the viewer; eliminating the guesswork traditional copy provides. Viewing video is also much easier on a smartphone than scrolling through paragraphs, making videography a winner in the mobile arena.

Video can showcase culture. With videography, a company can show its culture to millions of people at the same time instead of traditional face-to-face exchanges. Take a look at HubSpot for example. They post fun and entertaining videos about their work culture that makes one say, “I want to work there” or “I’d like to do business with them.” This same tactic can be used by you and your organization; make people want to partner with you by showing how much fun you have! So how can you get started? Well, Common Giant would be happy to help. Our services include videography and animation so your content’s individualized and not so common. Take a look at our animation and 3D motion reel above for a little inspiration and to see what we’re capable of.