September 28

What’s Your Worktable?

Phillip Oakley

When it comes to tables, we often think of a gathering place to spend time with friends and loved ones. We imagine laughing and building memories we’ll hold dear to our hearts. Not all tables are made for such occasions but hold parallels to the ones we imagine. For example, worktables get little praise, but can manifest history and sentimental value. We have a worktable fitting such a description. It’s been with us since day one, assisting us in our creative endeavors as we’ve grown into the Giants we’ve become. The worktable doesn’t represent work alone; it represents the very foundation of Common Giant.

What’s Your Worktable?

When the worktable was purchased, its sole purpose was to assist in the production of our work. No one thought of its potential significance upon placing it in the office; it was viewed as a necessity. However, as we’ve reflected on our growth and where we’re headed, the table has played a major role in our development as Giants. Countless hours have been spent here designing and shaping artwork for our partners. In the early days, the table served as a makeshift desk where two Giants sat side by side designing and writing copy in tandem. It’s been a key piece to our “war room,” where we strategize and establish plans of attack for upcoming projects. Without this worktable, we wouldn’t have achieved the goals and ambitions set by our partners. Its presence serves as a constant reminder towards our humble beginnings and keeps us in check on a daily basis.

So our question to you is: what’s your worktable? What’s a piece of your past that has made you into the person/company you are today? We all have a “worktable” somewhere in our lives. Look around you and you’ll find something you’ve kept since your start. You may still use it today. If it’s not in use, try to reincorporate it into your life, even if just for a day. It’s important to never lose sight of our past so we may move forward. We use our worktable daily, which makes us appreciate all we’ve become.