The Pull of Change

Navigating the Challenges of Weight Loss and Business Transformation
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You don’t change your business, launch a product, or lose 30lbs. and forever celebrate the victory. Absolutely celebrate your wins, and understand that as long as you have your business and as long as you have your body, you are on a maintenance path.
Does the Thought of Business Transformation Scare You?

If you’re a leader at your organization, it just might. Such changes can feel deeply personal. But there’s a time when the need for a new start offsets the fear of the unknown. In fact, personal change and business transformation share a number of things in common.

Whether you’re contemplating a new lifestyle or reconfiguring your business, it helps to have a plan and a set of expectations, so you remain focused on your long-term goal.

Discover what it means to embrace the pull of change.

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