November 16

8 Ways Your Advertising & Marketing Strategy Can Benefit From Animated Videos

Phillip Oakley

We have compiled 8 reasons why motion graphics, or animation can be a great choice in most advertising and marketing strategies.

Cost -Effective

Like any video production, animation undergoes a similar creative process: creative briefing, copywriting, storyboarding, designing and animating. Most motion graphic projects are composed of graphic design and animation work, which can be a cost-effective solution to most businesses. A fully animated piece does not require a cast, crew and equipment, which in turn saves money. Motion graphics can be combined with live action footage and visual effects at a later time if so desired.

Adds Personality

Motion graphics can set the tone and add a face or personality to your company. This is one of the steps to have a winning brand strategy. By developing and adding personality to your company video, you can establish authenticity and show value to your audience in an understandable way.

Informative , Memorable & Engaging

Motion video covers animated visual elements that tell a story through simplified information. It connects to your audience in a unique and engaging way. In fact, humans can remember something better when they can associate an idea or message with something they feel or sense; motion graphic content caters to this through sight, sound and storytelling.

Videos Are Searchable & Shareable

There’s a lot of content online, but video is one of the easiest to search and share. A recent study from E-Marketer shows that people spend more than 5.5 hours watching online videos each day and it will only continue to grow with the rise of mobile and tablet users. Mobile video consumers share 92% of online videos with others, according to Hubspot.

A Simplified Message

People understand and retain easier when a message is demonstrated through audio and visual. Crafting a good story behind your message helps build an emotional connection with your audience. Animation breathes life into the story and makes the message easier to understand. For instance, comprehensive information or an abstract idea represented by animated graphic design explains itself better than just an image or words alone.

Increased Conversion Rates

According to a video marketing survey conducted by, 71% said video conversion rates outperform other marketing content. Another study from Hubspot mentioned that adding videos on you landing page increases conversion rates to 80%. This means animated videos are wonderful lead generators.

Establish & Nurture an Online Presence

People share interesting stories every day. A marketing video can be the best way to tell your stories, whether you want to search, gain and communicate with your target audience. Marketing platforms and analytics for video are widely available and measurable. SEO can help rank the video higher in search engines, which in turn boosts your digital footprint. More credibility is established with a stronger online presence.

Increase In Brand Awareness

Market competition is tough and you need to stand out. Increasing your brand awareness is a crucial effort every company needs to make. Motion graphics can tie your brand message with a story, music, voice and animated visuals that not only increase production value, but also builds familiarity and trust for your brand.