August 25

The Brand Matrix – (re)Discover Who You Are

Phillip Oakley

Identity is everything. Especially when it comes to business. Potential customers and clients turn to those who have a good sense of self and their service or product offerings that earn trust. Over time, identities shift through better processes and new developments. This is completely normal; any company claiming they’ve been the same since day one hasn’t taken a look at the overall picture. When coming upon this, they will also notice their image doesn’t reflect who they are today. Maybe their look and feel seem dated. Maybe their brand ethos has been tweaked. Whatever the reason, it may be time for a rebranding. For those who are experiencing this monumental change, it’s time for a brand matrix exercise.

A brand matrix exercise is a culmination of the multiple areas within a business to find its true identity. Easier said, many pieces of the business pull together to create a brand’s new look and feel. At the end, everyone involved has a better sense of the company’s new aesthetic. For example, every logo should have a meaning (new or rebranded) and must reflect the company in some way. How can this or other assets be created if the stakeholders have no idea who they are? The brand matrix boils everything down to a central idea. What’s left is a concentrated form of business goals that can then be translated into a visual representation.

There are various ways to conduct this exercise but those conducted by outside eyes tend to yield the best results. This is because a third party doesn’t play favorites and has an unbiased view. They can take the opinions and thoughts of all involved and condense it all into a precise offering. The result is an exclusive and unique seedling for the new brand, which over time will grow and blossom into all areas of the company. It’s an essential tool for self-discovery and when led by the right group, can produce the brand identity you’ve always hoped for.

If you’re looking for a great way to rediscover your brand or set the pillars for a new one, a brand matrix exercise is the way to go. Attributes and ideas from across the spectrum pull into focus and create a clear-cut vision. Your current and future clients need to know who you are and the only way to do this is to know yourself first.


They say the most difficult thing in life is to know exactly who you are, but  it doesn’t have to be. Use a brand matrix for discovery.

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