March 22

Brand Sips Episode 6: What’s Your Niche?

Cody Lee
Brand Sips

What's Your Niche?


Maura: And there's a lot of pressure for an ad agency, for a branding company like ours to find a niche in terms of industry, and I'm so reluctant to do that because I actually really love to encounter something we've never encountered before, 'cause our expertise is really problem-solving, from a brand perspective, and to keep that fresh, I think you need to exercise those muscles, if we just worked with veteran areas or we just worked with, you know, software developers, development companies, and then we run the risk of regurgitating a lot of the same stuff. And what I would say to somebody who's actually looking for an agency, I think outside of expand your scope of who you're talking to, so don't be afraid to talk to someone who doesn't have experience in your industry if you need to, for them to create content for you at a high level, that's a different story, if you need subject matter experts for that, but if you want someone who's going to figure out who you are and what makes you different, you may wanna talk to someone who doesn't have experience with all your competitors, I mean seriously, it's the antithesis of what a lot of people wanna think, but that newness can bring a better product...

Cody: Yeah, there in energy, I think. That comes with that too. Yeah.


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