May 08

Brand Sips Episode 8: What Is Branding?

Cody Lee
Brand Sips

What Is Branding?


Cody: So in terms of work produced, we think we're going to do some branding work for this client, how would you define that?

Maura: It's expressing the substance of that company through art and copy.

Cody: We call ourselves a branding agency as opposed to maybe a marketing and advertising agency that we do those things. What about us? Do you think that is different, what about the way we handle branding and the way we think about branding is different.

Maura: I think that we are really good at understanding at a very deep level what the business is about, what the vision is, and expressing the core values in the business, if you wanna facade for your business... We're not the place to go to if you want to express the substance of who you are and what you're about, who you appeal to you or for you.


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