October 13

Do you know what kind of agency you need?

Phillip Oakley

When looking to update your marketing efforts, knowing what kind of agencies exist and knowing their differences is crucial to deciding on which one is right for you. There are several ways to categorize agencies and many seem to overlap in the services they offer. The important thing to remember is each agency has its own particular strengths you can use to your advantage.

Advertising Agencies – Wait, isn’t that all of them? Almost. Traditional advertising agencies are the most comprehensive, typically offering services from product design through placement and execution of promotional services. They tend to focus on traditional media such as print, radio, and television. The best ones have embraced new digital mediums as well.

Design Agency – Creating or changing the look and feel of logos and promotional materials can be daunting. This is where design agencies come in. Experts at aesthetics and design thinking, they work with you to craft a visual message that conveys what your company is all about.

Digital Agencies – These are the agencies who know how to use the Internet to reach prospective buyers. Using things like social media, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and email marketing, they are able to target your ideal customers. Digital agencies are also who you can turn to for things like website design or some app development.

Inbound Agencies – Inbound marketing is a relatively new concept, born from the way people interact on social media and online in general. The agency partners with you to create content your prospective customers will want to interact with. Most inbound agencies are digital agencies with a different focus on distribution methods. An intense focus on metrics generates measurable changes in key performance indicators.

Creative Agencies – Sometimes referred to as Boutique Agencies, they excel at thinking outside the box. Usually small, a creative agency offers a combination of strategy, design, technology, and advertising services tailored for each client. They will take the time to really understand the culture of their client’s company, and how to best communicate their unique value.

All of these types of agencies can help elevate your marketing strategy.

The kind of agency which one is right for you depends on your needs and goals.