December 12

Brand Sips Episode 2: Intuition Over Data

Cody Lee
Brand Sips

Intuition Over Data


Cody: So I've worked with you now for a couple of years, and I know a big part of your leadership and something you value quite a bit of his intuition, and we live in a very data-driven society, and you're always sort of championing intuition. So I was wearing, if you could speak about that a little bit and how that plays into the way we operate here.

Maura: Yeah, I think data is indispensable, I think it is a wonderful tool, and essentially most of what data tells us, the common thread is that it tells us about the past, and I think intuition is something that can help us move into the future, and one of the things that I love about common Giant is we've always kinda hired teams of misfits, you have an MFA in fiction fiction writing, we've hired people that have been songwriters and been professional musicians. I don't have an agency background, so what this does is it brings richness of experience, life experience to our agency, and it's something that I would like to continue because I think that that's so important to feed our intuition for good input, as you have said in your upcoming book that we're writing together, it makes for a great input, and there's so much that we know about diversity of shot that just feels to a better creative production.


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