December 22

Brand Sips Episode 3: The Life-long Student

Cody Lee
Brand Sips

The Importance of Being a Life-long Student


Cody: So this idea of the life-long student, that seems to be something that you encourage... I know for the rest of us here in Common Giant, that seems to be something you take very seriously...

Maura: Yeah, I just think if you stop learning you stop growing, and I think that feeds what we do, so intimately, we have to have good input, as you said earlier... Right now, at this point in my life, I don't feel like I was ever a very good student, and I think most of that comes from I feel much more responsible and then much more motivated if other people are on the line, if I'm just... If it's just me and maybe I'll get a bad grade, whatever, but now I actually really like... It's almost like a competition with myself of, Can I learned something? Can I apply it in the real world? And so, yeah, I actually love to absorb information and technique and see how I can actually apply it 'cause I haven't done that very well in my past, so I feel good about being able to deliver that now.


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