January 22

Brand Sips Episode 4: Business and Boxing

Cody Lee
Brand Sips

Business and Boxing


Cody: So I'm sitting here today with Maura Marziano, who happens to be the CEO of Common giant, she is a boxer, she practices boxing, so she could beat me up if she wanted to, which is why I do the things she tells me to do. Also she signs my paycheck.

Maura: I'm here with Cody Lee, who is our copywriter extraordinary, he is a brilliant mind, both philosophically and with words.

Cody: So tell me how you got into boxing.

Maura: I just saw a poster, honestly in my gym, and I don't even... It was like, I was possessed. And I just signed up.

Cody: I love how you said that you were possessed. Like it was waiting for you the whole time you arrived and were like, This is what I'm gonna do...

Maura: Well, this is a great... I'm not gonna say the poster was brilliant, but it did touch on all of the things that I want to self-defense, learning technique, explosive power, and they actually didn't say anything about that, but that's what I had in my head. Yeah, I would really like to hit something... Be very cathartic. Yeah, and it is...

Cody: Do you see any... Or are there any sort of practices or lessons that are things you've learned from boxing that you can apply to branding to what you do in running a business?

Maura: I think what it helped me most with is staying calm, and like I said, I haven't gotten in the ring with an opponent yet, but I have trained so far with my coach, and there is such a thing as applying pressure on someone else and training when you're in the pocket on someone's hitting you with ITS... And the thing is to stay home, because even if you are with somebody that you trust, there's a lot of pressure, someone much bigger than you, bearing down on you, hitting you and you're supposed to counter-punch and learning to become calm and that scenario has really helped with negotiation, it has helped with decision-making, that's helped with raising children, it has helped in pretty much all facets of my life because there is... I think in my natural personality, there is a lot of assertiveness and aggression, and that can absolutely get the best of you, and if you can learn not to control it, to harness it and maneuver through life with it. I think it is very powerful.

Cody: Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee.


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