July 17

El Camarón

Phillip Oakley

With the holidays approaching, Common Giant began to concoct gift ideas that could get everyone in the office involved. The gift was being sent to all of Common Giant’s partners …

July 16

NRF Microsite

Phillip Oakley

As an industry leader at the NRF Big Show, the world’s largest retail conference, ThoughtWorks desired to display the conference’s highlights from their point of view. To ensure their success, …

July 14

AirSonea Consumer Products – iSonea Ltd.

Phillip Oakley

iSonea Ltd was on the verge of releasing their groundbreaking product, AirSonea, and needed a design for its packaging. They also needed to launch AirSonea’s consumer websites promoting both AirSonea …

June 20

#BeatAsthma Movement

Phillip Oakley

iSonea wanted to reach individuals across the globe who fight asthma on a daily basis, but were unsure of the best approach to take. After some deliberation, we developed the …

June 19

Converge South Conference

Phillip Oakley

Converge South is the region’s longest running technology and creativity conference for business. After attending the symposium ourselves, we contacted Converge South to offer help in rebranding for it’s tenth …

June 18

Wake Forest Men’s Basketball

Phillip Oakley

Following Wake Forest’s purchase of the Lawrence Joel Veterans Coliseum, Men’s Basketball contacted us to “Deaconize” this space as well as on-campus spaces. It’s always fun to see how a …

June 07

CG 4 Year Birthday Blog

Phillip Oakley

Guess what? This May, Common Giant turned four! We’ve been busy having a wild time and we decided to reflect on who and what we’ve become since 2012. Without a …

May 18

Wake Forest Women’s Basketball

Phillip Oakley

Wake Forest Basketball contacted us searching for ways to update their workspaces while capturing the spirit of the Demon Deacons. Being basketball lovers ourselves, we eagerly accepted the challenge. We …

April 19

Hello Greensboro

Phillip Oakley

Partnerships are critical to success. When both parties believe in each other, both flourish. This is one of Common Giant’s core pillars. An example of one such partnership is Revolution …

April 12

Hello Again

Phillip Oakley

Change is inevitable. It serves as the optimistic bridge between the past and future. In this midpoint, we choose where we want to be and begin the undertaking. As we …

April 01

Common Giant and SXSW

Phillip Oakley

Common Giant is all about art, culture and technology. So it made sense to jump on a plane to visit Austin, TX, for the 30th annual SXSW. Take a few …

November 11

The Pay Off of Participation

Phillip Oakley

With Veterans Day upon us, it’s important to recognize that our freedom couldn’t be accomplished without teamwork. At Common Giant, nothing is more important to us than teamwork and collaboration …

October 28

The Trappings of Buzzwords

Phillip Oakley

Buzzwords are a dangerous breed of jargon to mess with. Businesses across the globe throw around words and phrases such as “Goal Digger” and “Localisation” with reckless abandon, even going …

September 28

What’s Your Worktable?

Phillip Oakley

When it comes to tables, we often think of a gathering place to spend time with friends and loved ones. We imagine laughing and building memories we’ll hold dear to …

July 24

Chili Meet Follow Up

Phillip Oakley

While the first annual NotSoCommon Chili Meet was a few months ago, it feels like yesterday when we feasted upon marvelous chili prepared by four brave Giants! We ate, drank, …

July 06

What Organic Growth Means to Us

Phillip Oakley

If there’s one word every business wants in their vernacular, it’s growth. Growth is good; it means one is on some sort of upward trajectory. However, growth comes in various …

June 26

A Day in the Life of a Giant

Phillip Oakley

The energy people feel in our office always prompts them to ask one question: what is a typical day like at Common Giant? To answer this question, we decided to …

June 15

What is Design Thinking?

Phillip Oakley

We at Common Giant pride ourselves in our ability to think outside the box. Our diverse backgrounds and skill sets blend together, creating a team of Giants who are not …

June 05

Why is Video Marketing So Important?

Phillip Oakley

The rise of media streaming sites such as YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix have created an insatiable thirst for cinematic content across the globe. A quick search of YouTube’s site reports …

May 12

what makes common giant not so common?

Phillip Oakley

In the 21st century business world where bland cubicles and indistinguishable office furniture reigns, finding partners with the moxie and vigor for being disruptive can prove challenging. Our industry is …