March 08

Why Your Brand Needs A Unique Voice (and How to Create One)

Cody Lee

Why Your Brand Needs A Unique Voice and how to create one… With so much content out there, marketers and business owners can feel an intense pressure to say all …

November 20

I want a Brand Plan. Which is right for me?

Maura Marziano

1How much should I invest in branding?Not all branding needs are equalWhen it comes to freshening up your brand, it’s hard to determine what your company needs. It’s not uncommon …

October 31

How Knowing Your Competitors’ Social Habits Helps You

Cody Lee

How Knowing Your Competitors’ Social Habits Helps YouWhat a brand competitor analysis can do for youAssessing the social media and web presence of your competitors can help unlock key differentiators. …

July 11

Reflecting on 11 Years of Common Giant

Maura Marziano

1Glancing Back While Marching ForwardLessons from 11 Years of Labor and LoveRecently, Common Giant turned 11 years old. I have ruminated on what this anniversary means to me in an …

May 30

The Purpose of Brand Storytelling

Noemi Zelaya

The Purpose of Brand StorytellingAll of us love a good story.“In the beginning”….  “Once upon a Time”….  “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit..” Brian McDonald, award …

May 08

Brand Sips Episode 8: What Is Branding?

Cody Lee

8 Brand SipsWhat Is Branding?Cody: So in terms of work produced, we think we’re going to do some branding work for this client, how would you define that? Maura: It’s expressing …

April 22

Brand Sips Episode 7: Your Logo Isn’t Your Brand

Cody Lee

7 Brand SipsYour Logo Is Not Your Brand Brand Sips – Episode 7 – FINAL Video from Common Giant on Vimeo.Maura: We’ve worked with a lot of companies lately and it’s …

March 22

Brand Sips Episode 6: What’s Your Niche?

Cody Lee

6 Brand SipsWhat’s Your Niche?Maura: And there’s a lot of pressure for an ad agency, for a branding company like ours to find a niche in terms of industry, and …

February 22

Brand Sips Episode 5: Our Collaborative Process

Cody Lee

5 Brand SipsOur Collaborative ProcessMaura: Particularly in the past few months, we’ve been working at a heightened level of collaboration, and I actually just wanted to know your thoughts on …

January 22

Brand Sips Episode 4: Business and Boxing

Cody Lee

4 Brand SipsBusiness and BoxingCody: So I’m sitting here today with Maura Marziano, who happens to be the CEO of Common giant, she is a boxer, she practices boxing, so …

December 22

Brand Sips Episode 3: The Life-long Student

Cody Lee

3 Brand SipsThe Importance of Being a Life-long StudentCody: So this idea of the life-long student, that seems to be something that you encourage… I know for the rest of …

December 12

Brand Sips Episode 2: Intuition Over Data

Cody Lee

2 Brand SipsIntuition Over DataCody: So I’ve worked with you now for a couple of years, and I know a big part of your leadership and something you value quite a …

November 22

Brand Sips Episode 1: Brand Awareness vs. Lead Generation

Cody Lee

1 Brand SipsBrand Awareness vs. Lead GenerationCody: So it seems like a lot of clients, last ones that we’ve worked with in the past, that they sign up and they’re …