August 04

3 Ways to Gauge Your Brand Power

Cody Lee

13 Ways to Gauge Your Brand PowerWhat Does “Brand Power” Mean Exactly?Gauging the potency of your brand can be difficult. For starters, do you judge it by your reach and …

October 29

So You Feel the Pull of Change?

Maura Marziano

Businesses of every size and success level often grow to a point at which the tactics that brought them thus far can no longer drive them any further. It’s as …

March 25

7 Tips to Help with Unexpected Requests When Rebranding

Maura Marziano

Rebranding can be an exciting time for your organization. From logo redesigns to overhauled mission statements and recast visions, there’s something inherently invigorating about redefining your identity as an organization.

February 14

Why a Brand Is Business Love

Cody Lee

Summer of Love (and Brand Loyalty) Sometime during my first summer in North Carolina, the cashier at the grocery store stopped mid scan to ask me, “What is this?”

February 17

The 2016 Giant Awards

Maura Marziano

2016 was another phenomenal year for us here at Common Giant. We filled the year with travels, tweets, hard work, a few shenanigans and lots of play. To commemorate the …

November 17

Inbound 2016: What You Need to Know

Phillip Oakley

Last week, four giants attended Inbound 2016, a marketing conference focused on new methodologies and best practices. Held in Boston, the conference was chock full of interesting keynote speakers and …