August 04

3 Ways to Gauge Your Brand Power

Cody Lee

13 Ways to Gauge Your Brand PowerWhat Does “Brand Power” Mean Exactly?Gauging the potency of your brand can be difficult. For starters, do you judge it by your reach and …

July 19

In Defense of Copy

Cody Lee

#03In Defense of CopyA Copywriter’s Plea for a Bit More HumanityThe State of the Humanities in Our “Humanist” EraNot long ago, a friend and former colleague of mine bemoaned yet …

May 30

The Purpose of Brand Storytelling

Noemi Zelaya

The Purpose of Brand StorytellingAll of us love a good story.“In the beginning”….  “Once upon a Time”….  “In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit..” Brian McDonald, award …

April 19

Why Should You Use Brand Archetypes?

Cody Lee

#03Why Should You Use a Brand Archetype?People buy from peopleWhy Are Brand Archetypes Effective? A few weeks ago, we discussed Brand Archetypes and identified a few recognizable brand names that exemplify …

February 27

What Is a Brand Archetype?

Cody Lee

#03What Is a Brand ArchetypeThe Ego to Your Business’s IdBrand Archetypes 101If you’ve spent much time around anyone who specializes in branding, you’ve likely heard about the brand archetypes. These …

February 07

How to Identify Bullsh*t in Your Office Culture

Cody Lee

#03How to Identify Bullsh*t in Your Office CultureBecause if you wanna clean it up, you have to find it first.What is Bullsh*t?On one hand, bullshit is essentially nonsense. On the …

February 01

What is a Teaming Culture?

Cody Lee

#03What is a Teaming Culture? How to build a culture of trust and accountabilityThere’s no “I” in team. There are, in fact, several.The words “teamwork,” “team player,” and “team building” …

December 08

3 Signs It Is Time to Work with a Branding Agency

Cody Lee

#033 Ways to Tell It Is Time to Work with a Branding AgencyIs it time to take the plunge?For something we are surrounded with every day, branding possesses a lot …

June 02

Ritual and Creating Magic Part 5: Remain Open and Observant

Cody Lee

#05RITUAL AND CREATING MAGICRemain Open but ObservantWelcome to the final installment of our “Ritual and Creating Magic” series wherein we discuss the importance of remaining open and observant to the …

May 26

Ritual and Creating Magic Part 4: Output vs. Input

Cody Lee

#04RITUAL AND CREATING MAGICInput vs. OutputWelcome to Part Four of our series “Ritual and Creating Magic” wherein we discuss the importance valuable input to feed your brain and creative mind. …

May 20

Ritual and Creating Magic Part 3: Let Your Creations Exist

Cody Lee

#03RITUAL AND CREATING MAGICLet your creations existWelcome to Part Three of our series “Ritual and Creating Magic” wherein we discuss how to craft a disciplined creative process to help you …

May 13

Ritual and Creating Magic Part 2: Creating Your Ritual

Cody Lee

#02Creating Ritual to…CreateWelcome to Part Two of our series “Ritual and Creating Magic” wherein we discuss how to craft a disciplined creative process to help you be more productive and …

May 08

Brand Sips Episode 8: What Is Branding?

Cody Lee

8 Brand SipsWhat Is Branding?Cody: So in terms of work produced, we think we’re going to do some branding work for this client, how would you define that? Maura: It’s expressing …

April 22

Brand Sips Episode 7: Your Logo Isn’t Your Brand

Cody Lee

7 Brand SipsYour Logo Is Not Your Brand Brand Sips – Episode 7 – FINAL Video from Common Giant on Vimeo.Maura: We’ve worked with a lot of companies lately and it’s …

March 22

Brand Sips Episode 6: What’s Your Niche?

Cody Lee

6 Brand SipsWhat’s Your Niche?Maura: And there’s a lot of pressure for an ad agency, for a branding company like ours to find a niche in terms of industry, and …

February 22

Brand Sips Episode 5: Our Collaborative Process

Cody Lee

5 Brand SipsOur Collaborative ProcessMaura: Particularly in the past few months, we’ve been working at a heightened level of collaboration, and I actually just wanted to know your thoughts on …

January 22

Brand Sips Episode 4: Business and Boxing

Cody Lee

4 Brand SipsBusiness and BoxingCody: So I’m sitting here today with Maura Marziano, who happens to be the CEO of Common giant, she is a boxer, she practices boxing, so …

December 22

Brand Sips Episode 3: The Life-long Student

Cody Lee

3 Brand SipsThe Importance of Being a Life-long StudentCody: So this idea of the life-long student, that seems to be something that you encourage… I know for the rest of …

December 12

Brand Sips Episode 2: Intuition Over Data

Cody Lee

2 Brand SipsIntuition Over DataCody: So I’ve worked with you now for a couple of years, and I know a big part of your leadership and something you value quite a …

November 22

Brand Sips Episode 1: Brand Awareness vs. Lead Generation

Cody Lee

1 Brand SipsBrand Awareness vs. Lead GenerationCody: So it seems like a lot of clients, last ones that we’ve worked with in the past, that they sign up and they’re …